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"Simon is among the most passionate and innovative musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has excellent sensitivity for choosing the right sounds and notes to portray the mood of a piece of music.

Simon loves to push boundaries and is constantly exploring unconventional ways of composing and producing music. I’ve witnessed him play a watering can as if it were a drum kit and find alternate tunings on string instruments, which he then plays with drum mallets to create unique soundscapes. Simon can extract an array of sounds from any object, subsequently implementing them into his compositions with astonishing ease. 

Simon is not only a fabulous composer but also a thinker; his philosophical ideas will often be a crucial spark of inspiration in projects. Through his positive and calming attitude, he constantly encourages people to reach their full potential. Simon wholeheartedly shares his love for music in a way that is contagious and inspiring at all times. He will undoubtedly improve any project and lead to an unexpected outcome that will feel right and certainly have a modern twist."

Marcel Cello Rainer
guitarist, composer // Berlin (GER)

Simon is very easy to work with, he has a clear vision, yet is also able to adapt to circumstances. This was especially important because nearly all the compositional work was done remotely, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we really couldn't travel to meet in person before the orchestral recording session. Then, we finally met in person in January, when we had a lovely time in Riga recording with Sinfonietta Riga. For "Wild East", he wrote a playful, dramatically exciting orchestral score that references classic spaghetti westerns while also brings forth a modern, contemporary and atmospheric throughline, taking the music the genre is famous for in a new (Latvian?) Direction. Our experienced sound designer Aleksandrs Vaicahovskis remarked that Simon's score is the best that he has ever recorded for a feature film, in terms of the music quality and the scope of the orchestral recording. Simon also has a wonderful sense of humor and never takes himself too seriously, which is a quality that I value in any artist.

Matīss Kaža
Producer and Director // Riga (LAT)

Simon Gamper is one of the most talented musicians I have come across in my career to date. His talent of being able to play a wide variety of instruments with incredible virtuosity fascinates me again and again. On top of that comes his sense of musicality and a feeling for what sounds a piece/ song needs to captivate the listener. All in all, an unbeatable combination and that is exactly what makes Simon a unique musician. As if that weren't enough, Simon is one of the most sympathetic and warm-hearted people I know. I can only say, Simon Gamper: twelve points!

Max von Milland
Singer / Songwriter // South Tyrol (I)- Munich (GER)

Simon is not only a very good friend, whom I can always count on and whom I would never want to be without, but also my favorite composer. He is such a passionate and talented musician who can elicit a tone or noise from any object, no matter how soundless, which he then works brilliantly into his grandiose compositions.
In addition to producing his own works, Simon still likes to find the time to support me as the fantastic stage musician he is - for which I am very grateful.
I can count myself very lucky, now for 20 years, to share the stages and studios of this world with him.
In summary, it is probably best: Everyone should have a Simon Gamper in their life!

Philipp Schwarz
Schw4rz, Songwriter // South Tyrol (I)

Whether composing for film, theater or songwriting together - Simon musically always leads you somewhere you would not have expected. And yet it is clear that it has to sound like that! Never arbitrary, always creative and with a keen sense of what resonates beneath the surface.

Eva Kuen
Actress, director, musician

When I worked with Simon, I was able to observe him: he minutely explored my harpsichord and how I deal with it. In the end a unique composition was created that exhausts the possibilities of the instrument and tells a gripping story.

Alexander Gergelyfi
historical keyboard instruments // Vienna-Graz (A)

(...) you can see the handwriting of Gampers, who with a mixture of youthful vigor and musical expertise is soon able to create daring projects out of the ground. He doesn't seem like an energetic doer at all, but more like an unagitated philosopher who knows how to deal with music as well as people. (...)

Alexander Zingerle
Tageszeitung "Dolomiten" vom 7.7 2017


Simon Gamper was born in South Tyrol in 1987. Coming from a family of actors, he entered the stage very early and devoted himself intensively to music from the age of ten. He gained valuable experience as an instrumentalist in various ensembles, bands and projects and studied at the “University of Music and Performing Arts Graz”.

Simon Gamper lives with his wife and two children in St. Leonhard in Passeier IT and has been working as a freelance composer since 2014. His focus is on compositions for international film, TV and theater productions, he also regularly composes for the concert hall.

Simon also works as a live and session musician, (among others for Max von Milland, Schw4rz , Corinne Amrand, Impro Carambolage). He heads the GuitArt association, which currently offers instrumental and acting lessons to 160 members. He is a founding member of PERFAS , as well as a member of the FAS and the South Tyrolean Artists Association .


Since 2014, whenever possible, I have been working with Martin Niedermair in the areas of recording, mastering, film mixing, sound design and music production. His studio "Tonstube" combines excellent technical expertise with musical understanding and empathy.


The graphic designer Vera Schwarz has already designed countless of my concert posters, album covers, flyers and much more. She is also responsible for this website. Vera is a master at expressing my music in pictures. With a lot of patience and many years of experience, she always succeeds excellently in staging my work graphically.

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